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Inspirational School Visits


So far in 2016 I’ve visited over 50 Primary & High Schools around the country. A typical school day would see me host the morning assembly with a football freestyle display to capture the attention and imagination of the excited pupils along with speaking about my journey with football freestyle over the last 10 years. I talk about how failing helps you improve and the challenges that are to come with taking a hobby to the next level. As an example I set myself tough and challenging tricks during the assemblies such as performing skills with 2 footballs at the same time, involving a skipping rope and also balancing on a Swegway while performing football freestyle skills.

During the rest of the school day I spend time with groups of around 30 pupils at a time where we learn the basics of football freestyle and take part in some fun football skills competitions. Sessions usually last between 20 – 60 mins depending on the ability/age of groups but every time the pupils will come out of the sessions with some new skills to show!