Learn Ash’s Football Skills!

I spent the day at the Cardiff University Sports Campus where I was filming with welsh TV channel S4C for a new football show called ‘Cic’. With 8 hours booked on the pitch we had 16 different skills to capture on camera which would feature on the show  ‘Sgiliau Ash’ section…or in good old english ‘Ash’s Skills’ which would be giving tips and directions on how learn them for yourself. 

These skills included:-

Around The World – a skill where you touch the ball lightly with your toe and at the same time lift up the same foot and move it around the ball in a smooth motion to control the ball again.

Step Overs – Rolling the football on the ground while running with it you step around the ball one foot at a time, this skill is to try and throw your defender off so they don’t know which way you are going to go.

You can check out all the skills on http://www.s4c.cymru/cy/stwnsh/